The Magic of Dance and Yoga

Danzartes Inc. is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to promoting Puerto Rican and Afro-Caribbean dance folklore. The company was founded in 2005 by dancer and choreographer Yasmar Cruz.  Danzartes has presented rich and contemporary repertoire of African rooted musical productions and dances in venues such as: Puerto Rican Festivals, University of Puerto Rico, Florida International University, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn Music School, Lehman College and public schools within the New York City district.

Yasmar Cruz, Director

Manifest! Dance & Yoga Retreat.JPG

Christiaan Perez, Operations Manager

Christiaan manages the day to day logistics for the retreats, including everything from confirming outings to making sure that the needs of guests are met . He also manages the digital communications for Danzartes such as social media, website and newsletter.