Manifest Love ~ Yoga, Reiki & Dance Retreat

Paros, Greece

Paros, Cyclades Island

Paros, Cyclades Island

July 19- July 25 2019


Love Healing Vibration ~ Greek retreat 

Join Us for 7 Days of Love, Adventure and Healing

Open to anyone in search of healing with love. Which can include: trauma, past relationships, wounded heart and more.

Manifest Love Retreat 5 main components are:

Workshops & Meditations: - Heart Chakra, opening the heart, meditations of acceptance.

Yoga: Opening heart sequencing, back bends and opening the back of the body to release stored memories that restrict us. Hatha & Vinyasa yoga classes.

Reiki: Healing hearts with Reiki treatments, the power of Reiki healing, Healing past traumatic relationships with Reiki, Healing familiar trauma with Reiki. 

Creation: Individual painting creation “attuned” to love frequency and design for the specific purpose the individual wants to heal. 

Movement: womb dance sequences, bellydance, centering movement exercises. Dancing is one of the best ways to release emotions and to balance our physical and mental body.

Heart Chakra healing @ City of Lights Center, Catskills NY

Heart Chakra healing @ City of Lights Center, Catskills NY


Creating Love around us and beyond us

Love is the ultimate goal in life. Either self-love or self acceptance of our whole being, love with a partner or simply loving relationships with others. It all goes back to the main principle of Love. It is a frequency, a vibration that we carry with us at all times.

In this retreat we will work on releasing any restrains that are preventing us from creating an abundance of love in our lives. As well as releasing any past memories attached to the love vibration.

If you feel called to do this work and to allow yourself to retreat, re-center and ground for the upcoming months and years. Join us in Greece this Summer!

With love and light,


Pricing & Packages

Early Bird: $1,999 January 31 - March 31  * Separate with $350 deposit *

Regular Price: $ 2,250    March 31 - May 30

Last Minute Price: $2,450 May 31 - July 13

* 90% of the price must be paid by July 18.

*Prices are on US $ currency

Natarayanasana (Dancer Pose)

Natarayanasana (Dancer Pose)

* Accommodations are based on double occupancy, single occupancy can be arranged at a higher price

Program includes: 

  • Hotel Accommodations (double)

  • All program workshops (over 21 workshops!)

  • Meals: 2 meals per day

  • Ground transportation

  • Some excursions and exploration activities

Manifest Love Sample Schedule

Day 1-   7/19

  • Welcoming (arrival and transportation to our hotel)

  • Introduction to Manifest 2019

  • What do I want to heal? (workshop) 

  • Rose quartz attunements

  • Setting Intentions

  • Yoga class